Solving real life challenges.


Meet the inaugural cohort of participants in the Ariob Incubator.


DirectEd develops a solution to facilitate scholarships to talented students in low-income countries, utilizing the transparency, peer-to-peer, and smart contract capabilities of blockchain technology to reduce corruption and other costs.


Ekival is a value transfer application which facilitates services such as money transfer. A blockchain based escrow service which allows users to apply the Hewala system in their transactions.

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Thrift Finance is a decentralized and trustless thrift savings system governed, maintained, and upgraded by Thrift (THR) token holders. Aims to create a more accessible and efficient financial system for Africa through self-executing smart contracts.

Waya Collective

Waya Collective is building the first decentralized enterprise network to find a new equilibrium in global manufacturing, as the current practice of centralized production facilities combined with long and complex supply chains comes at an increasing cost to the ecosystem and to our global community.

Peerpost strives to disrupt the current paradigm of the centralized postal industry through a peer-to-peer solution built on blockchain and enabling cheaper, faster and more reliable parcel delivery all over Africa.


CheCha is a digital USD voucher system to solve the small change crisis in Zimbabwe. Acting as a trusted third party between customers and vendors to facilitate microloans. Vendors can enter into partner networks, allowing redemption within their closed-loop system. With the introduction of ADA wallets, user-to-user transfers are now possible.


Kaydor's microlending partnership solution is an example of an innovation championed by WADA that uses web3 to build more inclusive societies in Africa by leveraging Cardano’s DeFi lending capabilities to increase available capital with reduced interest rates, providing a more appealing option for Ghana renters.


A decentralized healthcare information exchange (HIE) that allows interoperability among different healthcare systems without compromising security and privacy through blockchain and zero-knowledge proof cryptography protocols. Hippocrades provides a tech infrastructure for developers to easily build Web 3.0 ready decentralized health (DeHealth) applications with its healthcare modules and APIs.


African Blockchain Center for Developers (ABCD) is a talent ecosystem that seeks to mentor and provide Africans with opportunities to build revolutionary solutions and projects. The activities of ABCD is geared towards closing the developer-skill gap in Africa by providing learning opportunities and equally functioning as a recognized bridge between skilled talent and the clients seeking to hire them.